CloudyMay - Software Consultancy
SharePoint & Cloud Computing

The Sun is behind the Clouds... Or is that Microsoft, IBM, Google or Amazon...? Where is the cloud? Why everyone talks about moving to the cloud? What are the advantages and drawbacks to your company moving to the cloud? Would that increase your productivity, or make you more flexible, or is this only about lowering the costs?... 

There is no straight answer to these questions. It all depends on your scenario; your existing system and your current-future requirements.
CloudyMay's major expertise is on Collaboration tools, mainly on Microsoft SharePoint. Day by day we are adding cloud expertise onto our collaboration expertise, which blends the two hottest topics of the IT world and makes CloudyMay's expertise very special.


Here are some of the services CloudyMay does offer: 
 - Requirements analysis
 - Architecture assessments
 - Implementation planning
 - Implementation & Deployment
 - InfoPath Development & Workflow Integration
 - Project Management (also for cloud projects) 
 - Customised training